My best friend told me a lot of stuff yesterday about how she thinks that she is ugly, stupid, and fat. It really pains me to know that she feels like that because that was always my job to feel that way.

So I grew up in a Christian home with pastors for parents. My whole life I have learned what the bible says and what God says about homosexuality.
Yet, I have known of my attraction to both guys and girls since elementary, even before I actually knew what the word gay meant.
Now when people say that homosexuality is a “choice” I want to slap them.
Do you really think I would choose to be this way when I know my whole family would not approve?!
You don’t get to choose who you fall for, only whether or not you act on those feelings.

Birthday Blues Part 2

So I always try to do nice things for my friends, especially on their birthdays. Two days ago was one of my best friend’s birthday and I took her out for breakfast.
Today was my birthday and I didn’t see a single one of my friends.
Sometimes I feel as if I’m only people’s friend when it is convenient for them.